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Pay It Forward

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Pay It Forward

Buy a meal for someone in need.

Everytable’s mission is to transform the food system by bringing healthy, affordable food into every community. Join the fight for food justice and Pay It Forward.

Where can you Pay It Forward?

You may purchase Pay It Forward meals in our stores or on our website. Pay It Forward meals purchased by you and other customers are consolidated with meals purchased by other customers over multiple weeks, and then provided within 90 days to community charitable organizations that have partnered with Everytable to address food security issues. These organizations are responsible for distributing the Pay It Forward meals to people in need. Purchased Pay It Forward meals are nonrefundable. Purchase of a Pay It Forward meal constitutes acceptance of these terms and Everytable’s general terms and conditions which may be reviewed at:


Disclosure Concerning Meal Price & Delivery Costs


Everytable’s cost to produce the meal delivered to the charitable partner may be less than the price of your purchase. The meals from Everytable to its charitable partners under this program will be meals of equivalent value, not in cash, less reasonable delivery costs for the meals.


Disclosure Concerning Tax Deductibility


The sale of a Pay It Forward meal does not constitute a solicitation for a charitable donation, and the purchase of a Pay It Forward meal is not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. You will not receive a tax-deductible receipt.


Disclosure of Charitable Partners


Everytable, PBC is a for-profit enterprise and is not an affiliate of or sponsored by any charitable organization. In California, meals are provided to Polo’s Pantry, a charitable 501(c)(3) organized in the State of California, pursuant to a Commercial Co-Venture Agreement. 


You may contact our charitable partner at:

Polo’s Pantry   
104 Robinson Street     
Los Angeles, CA 90026
FEIN: 87-4155574

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