Healthy Food is a Human Right

But $9 green juices and $12 salads make healthy food a luxury most people can’t afford.

In fact, many communities in the U.S. have such little access to healthy, affordable food, they’re called “food deserts.” These communities experience high rates of obesity, diabetes, and stress.

How do we make healthy food affordable for everyone?

Everytable’s business model drastically reduces the costs of the standard restaurant model. Chefs at our local kitchen turn fresh, wholesome ingredients into delicious meals, which we sell through our small, grab-and-go storefronts.

From start to finish, everything is designed to be super-efficient, and the savings are reflected in our prices.

We want to make sure everyone can afford our meals, so we price them according to the neighborhood where each store is located.

By having locations in economically diverse communities, we're able to serve those living in food deserts whose current options are only low-quality, over-processed fast food chains, as well as those in more affluent communities who are sick of overpaying for healthy meals on-the-go.

And because our prices differ from location to location, we’re ensuring everyone has access to wholesome, delicious meals at a price they can afford.