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Seeing a concert at the park? Planning a company outing or a day at the beach with friends? Our meals are perfect for events and gatherings where you prefer a grab-and-go option for your guests.


Unlike traditional catering programs where restaurants prepare trays of food for a buffet-style setting, each of our meals is individually packaged. This means you get exactly one meal per person, no leftovers, no wasted food, no trays or platters needed.


Our meals are chef-prepared and made from scratch daily in our central kitchen in Los Angeles and every menu item is inspired by the cuisines and communities of the neighborhoods we serve.


Most importantly, every meal you purchase furthers our mission to bring healthy and affordable food to all communities. Thank you for joining the fight for food justice!


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I would like utensils with my order ($0.10 each)I would like box waters with my order ($2 each)There will be microwaves on site. If not, we recommend sticking to salads.There will be a fridge on site able to store the number of meals above (optional)

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