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Everytable's mission is to make nutritious, fresh food affordable and accessible to all. We reduce the costs of the standard restaurant model by having chefs at our central kitchen turn fresh, wholesome ingredients into delicious meals, which we sell through small, grab-and-go storefronts and our smart fridge network. We are designed to be super-efficient, and the savings are reflected in our prices.

We have locations in food deserts (underserved communities with little or no access to healthy food) and in affluent areas. To ensure that everyone can afford our meals, we price them according to the neighborhoods we serve. Every meal clients purchase helps us open up locations in food deserts around LA, where we sell our meals for less.

We are well-funded, with a results-oriented management team that is dead set on building a multi- billion dollar business that solves a major social problem. We are, and will continue to be, growing rapidly.

Position Background

Everytable is looking for a General Manager of its SmartFridges business. This is a position for an independent self-starter, passionate about the Everytable brand and the intersection of food and technology. The General Manager must be a contributor to our product direction, long-term omni- channel strategy, and org-wide goals. Candidate must be entrepreneurial and be experienced in P&L management, at marketing, logistics, sales, business intelligence, and operations. Additionally, the candidate must be passionate about social justice and racial equity. This is a full-time position.

POSITION TITLE: General Manager, SmartFridges



• Head of SmartFridge Growth

• Director of Marketing

• GM of Subscription & Logistics

• Logistics Manager

KEY RESULT AREAS: (% weighted in accordance of importance)

Overall Business Growth & Optimization 100%

Broken down into the following categories:

Product (Tech, Design, Merchandizing, Menu, Snacks & Drinks) 25%

Marketing 20%

Sales Team Management 20%

EBITDA Optimization 15%

Fulfillment Logistics 10%

Business Intelligence & Data 10%

Total 100%

Overall Business Growth & Optimization

GM Smartfridges will own the growth and success of the SmartFridge business line. They will be an entrepreneur running an integrated, fast-growing startup within a fast-growing startup. They will be responsible for all aspects of the business including strategy, sales, tech, data, logistics, marketing, customer service. They will be responsible for hitting specific KPIs related to revenue, EBITDA, overage, fulfillment quality and time, hiring, retention, partnerships, etc.

Product (25%):

GM, Smartfridges will work to improve our product offering to a world-class level, with specific focus on...

• Merchandizing to optimize for revenue and customer delight.

• Building out ancillary revenue streams in addition to core prepared meals.

• Improving design and branding on fridges to create that “wow” response.

• Leading and designing data-driven R&D feedback loop to optimize fridge menu for customer demand.

Marketing (20%):

GM, Smartfridges will lead all marketing of SmartFridges, including...

• In collaboration with Everytable marketing team, using Everytable’s existing distribution channels (stores, social, email) to market SmartFridge for future partners.

• Devise and implement creative marketing campaigns at partner SmartFridge sites to drive revenue, sampling, retention, and check size.

• Implement creative marketing strategies specifically focused on SmartFridge customers, including email newsletter, SmartFridge partner community events, and more.

Sales Team Management (20%):

• Manage and grow sales team to hit weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets in multiple geographies.

• Optimize sales cycle and commission structure for maximum ROI.

• Explore and vet new channels for SmartFridge sales, and create and execute commensurate sales strategy and staffing structure.

EBITDA Optimization (15%):

GM, Smartfridges will own, and work to optimize, the financial results and metrics of the SmartFridge business, including...

• Working with customer service and marketing teams to optimize revenue at each SmartFridge.

• Improving the automated customer engagement strategy to drive sales, retention, and activate customers.

• Work with and manage logistics, including in-house and 3rd-party drivers, to optimize delivery costs across the portfolio.

• Improve demand forecasting to maximize sales/overage ratio.

• Create cold-chain multi-directional inventory management systems.

Business Intelligence & Data (10%):

• Collect, analyze, report, and circulate data on customer preferences, fridge performance, customer demographics, overage patterns, activation impact, and all other data pertinent to optimizing the SmartFridge business.

• Create strategies based on said data to improve sales, EBITDA margins, etc.

Fulfillment & Logistics (10%):

Manage and optimize all fulfillment and logistics for SmartFridges to ensure:

• 100% consistent cold-chain.

• 100% on-time (pre 11am) delivery of fresh meals.

• Explore multi-directional supply chain logistics to optimize overage.

• Optimize for low delivery cost, scalability, and fixed infrastructure for 3PL and in-house drivers.

• Manage Smart Fridges, including ordering and receiving, placement at corporate partners, and managing repairs in collaboration with Byte Foods.

• Manage Byte Foods vending machine management portal, including inputting all items into system, setting par levels, etc.

• Create and manage routes for Everytable drivers to fulfill Everytable Smart Fridges.

• Input vending machine orders into kitchen production sheets

• Optimize pick & pack process for efficiency and cost.

• Manage and maintain excellent relationship with 3rd Party SmartFridge provider, including frequent communication and collaboration.

Required Experience & Skills:

● Entrepreneurial self-starter. Craves ownership.

● Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

● Detail oriented with a strong emphasis on accuracy.

● An internal inclination to patient and hospitable customer support.

● High level of logistical experience.

● Willingness to wear many different hats at once.

● Extremely high work ethic.

● Willing to work hard, sometimes at odd hours (including weekends on occasion)

● Must be deeply passionate about social and/or food justice

Everytable is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to hiring a diverse team.

To apply, please send a resume to

Position Background

We are seeking a Director of People to drive the strategic development of the Everytable organization, including driving culture, recruiting, performance management, compensation and benefits administration, workforce analytics, training, organizational effectiveness, succession planning, leadership development and compliance. The Director of People will partner closely with our executive management team, including CEO, to drive growth, retention, and holistic company health. Further, the Director of People will design and implement progressive internal policies focused on social and racial equity, including building a social equity franchise program.

What you will be doing:

• Building the HR department from scratch.

• Personally handling all HR functions at first, including recruiting, benefits, compensation, performance management, legal, workers comp issues, and co-creating the strategic development and growth and design of the organization.

• Create, develop, and execute our people roadmap related to finding and retaining our amazing team.

• Personally recruit critical leadership team members, as well as contribute to recruiting at all levels of the organization, including writing job descriptions, posting job placements, screening and interviewing candidates, and negotiating compensation.

• Create and implement Everytable’s quarterly and annually employee review process.

• Design benefit package for Everytable employees grounded in social and racial equity.

• Vet, select, and implement HR systems.

• Partner with legal and finance to ensure compliance specific to employment law, EEOC, FMLA, CFRA, SDI, Workers Compensation, and Everytable’s company handbook

• Handle, with legal support, all employee relation issues such as employee complaints, harassment allegations, and civil rights complaints

• Design, implement, and administer employee benefit programs such as 401K, medical, dental, and vision plans.

• Design and implement incredible employee onboarding program.

• Design and implement incredible culture initiatives including team trips, meals, events, etc.

• Oversee processing of all transactions, including new hires, rehires, transfers, leave of absence, termination, personal data change, and exit interviews

• Maintain and processe all Unemployment Notices of Entitlement and potential charges in a timely, efficient manner. Represents company in personnel related hearings when necessary

• Coordinate management training for safety and sexual harassment.

• Design and create incentive programs at all levels of the organization.

• Own the evolution of the Everytable brand and ensure it is strong and effective in attracting and retaining talent to the company.

• Act as the champion of the culture across the company, identify necessary changes to the culture, and drive improvements.

• Work with President of Restaurants and Director of Franchise to design and administer social equity franchise program focused on entrepreneurs of color from underserved communities.

• Co-create organizational vision with CEO, including org structure changes as company scales, and benefits and incentive programs to promote cohesiveness, satisfaction, and effectiveness.


• Deep connection with Everytable’s values and mission.

• Ability to work autonomously.

• Entrepreneurial and creative.

• Extremely detail oriented.

• Passionate about social equity.

• Inspiring.

• Ability to communicate effectively with diverse range of people from all levels of positions

• Strong organizational, administrative, and leadership skills.

• Experience with food, tech, sales and high-growth startup organizations.


• Bachelor’s Degree (B.A./B.S.)

• Senior HR or People leadership.


• Bilingual preferred.


• Full time

• Salary + Bonus

• Equity

• Benefits

Everytable is an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to hiring a diverse team.

To apply, please send a resume to

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