Our Story


In 2013 Sam Polk, a former hedge fund trader, founded a nonprofit called Groceryships to address food-related health problems in South LA, where the average income is $13,000 a year, life expectancy is 10 years lower than more affluent areas, and diseases like obesity and diabetes are alarmingly high. Groceryships began helping family food providers make healthy choices through nutrition education, cooking classes, free produce, and support groups. 

In 2014 David Foster, a former private equity professional, was so inspired by a Groceryships event that he decided to join the nonprofit full-time. 

That year Sam and David began hearing from Groceryships participants that while fresh produce was great, they often had to buy food on the go because they were juggling multiple jobs and large families. And in South LA, their only options were fast food. 

Sam and David saw an opportunity to help families like these. So they created a model for a new company that would sell healthy food in “food deserts” like South LA at prices competitive with fast food. 

Groceryships was built on the belief that every life is equally important. Sam and David wanted this core value embedded in the new company, so they called it Everytable, reflecting a mission to bring healthy, affordable food to every table in the country, with no one left out.


Every body. Every block. Everytable.

Our Team


Sam is Co-founder and the CEO of Everytable. He’s also the founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Groceryships. Prior to becoming a social entrepreneur, Sam was a hedge fund trader on Wall Street. Sam’s memoir, For The Love of Money, was published in July 2016 by Scribner.

Sam grew up in LA and witnessed the city’s inequality while helping his mom run homeless medical clinics in Skid Row. Years later, after noticing families in low-income areas struggling with access to healthy food, he started Groceryships, a non-profit working at the intersection of poverty and obesity. He is a graduate of Columbia University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Favorite food: Apple fritters



David is Co-founder of Everytable. A reformed finance nerd, David began his career in private equity and investment banking, most recently as a VP at Aurora Capital Group, an LA-based private equity firm. David has always had a passion for social entrepreneurship, which led him to volunteer for Groceryships and eventually join as the Director of Operations.

David originally grew up in Boulder, CO, where his mom was an early adopter (and heavy promoter) of the move toward natural foods. He attended the University of Michigan and earned a degree from the Ross School of Business.

Favorite food: Belgian waffles



Anar is VP of Marketing for Everytable. Anar first gained extensive product marketing experience working with startups to build online consumer experiences. With a strong desire to create a lasting community impact, Anar began volunteering with the team in 2015, and later joined full time. Prior, Anar worked in advertising at BBDO Worldwide in New York and PayPal in the Bay Area. Anar is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Operational Research.

Favorite food: Grilled Bean and Cheese Burritos with Guacamole



With over 20 years of culinary experience, Craig Hopson helms the kitchen at Everytable as its Executive Chef. Prior to Everytable, the classically-trained chef led culinary programs at notable NYC restaurants Bacchanal, Beautique, Le Cirque and One If By Land, Two If By Sea. Chef Hopson first found his love for cooking while working at a hotel in his hometown of Perth, Australia. He’s worked in the prestigious European kitchens of Restaurant Troisgros, Restaurant Guy Savoy and Lucas Carton. While in Paris, Hopson’s mentor, the legendary Alain Senderens, taught him the techniques of nouvelle cuisine, which influences the personalized yet classic dishes he creates today.

Favorite food: New York Style Pizza



A native of Los Angeles, Johnny Yoo brings exotic flavors and a deep understanding of the LA dining scene to the Everytable menu as Culinary Director.  Chef Yoo’s interest in food began during his time living in Hawaii and experiencing the cuisine--so much so that when he returned to LA, he enrolled in culinary school. He began his career at Koi under Chef Rodelio Aglibot and spent the following 15 years in pursuit of honing his knowledge, skills, and experience in the kitchens of renowned chefs including David Myers (Sona), Brendan Collins (Melisse), Christopher Eme (Ortolan) and Roy Choi (A-Frame). Johnny focuses on balancing bold flavors while utilizing fresh local produce and exotic ingredients to develop delicious, unforgettable dishes.

Favorite food: Haagen Dazs Cookies and Cream Ice Cream


Our Store Staff

We hire from the communities our stores are located in. Many store employees are graduates from nonprofits like Groceryships and The Right Way Foundation, which supports former foster kids.

Everytable South LA Staff